Joe Laur is a founding partner of SEED Systems, a company dedicated to creating businesses as living systems in harmony with nature, so that all life can flourish for all time. They apply systems thinking, scientific frameworks and organizational learning to create sustainable enterprises.

In partnership with (SoL) the Society for Organizational Learning, ( Mr. Laur along with colleagues Sarah Schley and Peter Senge established the SoL Sustainability Consortium, an active group of industry leaders in learning and sustainability. This consortium includes members from BP, Ford, Harley, Unilever, UTC and more.

As co-authors of "The Sustainability Challenge," published in The Systems Thinker and "Creating Sustainable Organizations." published in the Pegasus' Innovations in Management Series, Mr. Laur and Ms. Schley have both served on SoL's governing council. They have spoken at numerous business gatherings including the Natural Step Conference, The Power of Systems Thinking Conference, and the Systems Thinking in Action conference on issues of sustainable business. Participants in their work in organizational learning and sustainable business have included BP/Amoco, BSR, Burlington Chemical, California EPA, Chrysler, CERES, College of Notre Dame, Detroit Edison, Ford, Interface, Harley-Davidson, Hewlett Packard, Missouri Botanical Gardens, Nike, Northeast Utilities, Shell Oil, United Technologies, Visteon, World Bank, Xerox, and more.

Mr. Laur was the Executive Director of the Inner Resource Development Corporation from 1992 —1996, expanding the organization into Canada and Europe, doubling the number of training facilities and tripling revenues during his tenure. He is a consultant to corporations, focusing on organizational learning, personal effectiveness skills and sustainable development. In this capacity, his clients have included Shell Oil, Bristol Meyers/Squibb, Northeast Utilities, Burlington Chemical, Nike, and Harley-Davidson. He studied with Dr. Robert of The Natural Step and applies these principles to his work in business. Mr. Laur has worked with whole systems change for over 20 years and is a certified practitioner of Structural Integration, an applied physiology practice invoking whole systems change in human body structures. He received his BFA in 1975 from the University of Wisconsin.


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