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Discover the best within you. Find integrity inside and out. Bring your justice and goodness to life. Bring what is just and good in you to the world.

Join a committed community of fellow pilgrims in a year long intensive journey toward being as magnificent as your promise. We will start by discovering – sometimes surprisingly – what works in your life and building from there.


Righteousness: noun: adhering to moral principles.

There is a legend in the Talmud that in every generation there are 36 totally righteous people in the world – the hidden tzaddikim – whose existence holds the world together and keeps it turning. Most often they are hidden – we don’t know who they are. Just as often we don’t know who we are – or could be – at the deepest level.

Want to find out?

Many, if not most, spiritual and personal development programs begin the journey by identifying what is wrong, where we are lacking, where things need fixing. This one is different.

We begin by asking the question “What is working, and working well? Where in my life am I deeply aligned with my core values in thought, feeling, action and being? Where in my life do I act out of pure righteousness? (Not self-righteousness or self- rightness). Where am I most true to who I truly am – my deepest values, and highest hopes?

What gives my life meaning and transforms the way I am with others for the greatest good for all?

Building from this base, we seek to expand that virtue and value into every region of our inner lives and further into the world.


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