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Where will this be held?

The 4 offsites will be held on beautiful land in western Massachusetts for the fall, winter, and spring sessions, and on the edge of the BWCA in Minnesota for our summer session.


September 8-10, 2006
Western Massachusetts

What are you harvesting? How can you store up, preserve and share the harvest?

Early February 2-4, 2007
Western Massachusetts

What is lying dormant in you waiting to come to Life? How can you prepare the way, clear the dead wood, prepare the soil for spring growth?

Early May 4-6, 2007
Western Massachusetts

What’s springing up in you? How can you protect and nourish it?

August 3-5, 2007
Northern Minnesota

What is fruiting within you? How can you sustain and grow it?

What is Hidden Virtue Fellowship?

Hidden Virtue Fellowship is a community of practice, committed to gathering 4 weekends a year, one in each of 4 seasons – mirroring seasons in a person's life.

Who is this for?

Hidden Virtue will draw on all life affirming traditions, it is meant to be as diverse as its participants. All are welcome. As a man one asked his rabbi, “There are so many people in the world and we are all so different. Why is that?” The rabbi replied, “It must be because we are all made in God’s image.” Your image and the image of the Divinity in you are welcome here.

What is the structure?

Hidden Virtue Fellowship is an appreciative inquiry based approach. We look at where we already live in a way aligned with our deepest values and highest aspirations, and build from there, expanding it outward to all aspects of our lives. This path focuses on the core question, “What am I doing right?” In other words, what is right, righteous, holy, strong and life giving, both within and without me? How can I build develop, strengthen that? How can I practice holy “shock and awe”? How can I Re-member the goodness/goodness that is who I am?

Hidden Value community will consist of a maximum of 36 people, men and women, committing to 36 days of dedicated work over the course of 360 days-a 1 year commitment.

12 days will be spent together in community at four 3-day offsites-one per season- in Massachusetts and Minnesota beginning on a Friday morning and ending on Sunday evening- a long “Sabbath” each quarter. One day will be devoted primarily to “inner work” (solo time, meditation, prayer, etc), one day to “outer work” in group service to others, one day in interactive activities with the rest of the Fellowship community.

12 days will be devoted to a path of service in your home community

12 days will be spent in personal work, including a minimum opf 12 coaching and spiritual guidance sessios from the teacher, but also in your own determined path of meditation, prayer, communing with nature etc. It will be self designed in conversation with the teacher and the rest of the community.

For example:

  • 1 day month outer work- prison, nursing home, mall, habitat for humanity, (12 days)
  • 1 day month inner work- reading, meditating, prayer, spiritual guidance, self care and awareness (12 days)
  • Reading assignments: Life of Pi, Jewish Ethics, Rumi, Soul is Here for Its Own Joy, Love Poems from God, Open Secret, Torah, Gospel, Koran, others

What will happen?

The program specifics will be designed as we go based on the needs of the people present. But the kinds of activities we engage in will include things such as:

  • Chanting, prayer, meditation
  • Bibliodrama
  • Godwrestling
  • Begin and end with breaking bread together.
  • Acts of service; to each other — bodywork, needs and offers circle, physical labor, etc.
  • To others — soup kitchen, prison, habitat for humanity, animal care, nursing home, hospitals
    and so forth
  • Inner work — 100 inch hikes, solos, prosperity work, sacred sexuality, 100 blessings a day

Who will lead this?

Joe Laur is an international leader and teacher in men’s issues, a Certified Shadow Work facilitator, father, and naturalist. Joe earns his daily bread as an Organizational Learning and sustainability consultant, and is a follower of an eclectic and predominantly Jewish path for over a dozen years. A Jew by choice, and working from that base, he incorporates nourishment from all traditions in his teaching and reflection.

Other faculty will include men and women from many backgrounds and skill sets, including spiritual leaders, leaders from men and women’s programs, Shadow Workers, Breath work, Yoga, etc.


Tuition for the entire program is $3600. This translates into roughly $600 per community gathering and $100 per spiritual guidance session. Includes all meals, books, materials, etc. A $500 deposit will hold your space and payment plans are available to those who need it. The commitment is to the entire yearlong process. Everyone in the Fellowship commits to that.


To register or for more information contact:
Joe Laur  •  joe.laur@godsdog.net