SoL Sustainability Consortium

The purpose of the SoL Sustainability Consortium is to build the capacity in organizations and society to achieve economic, ecological and social sustainability so that all life can thrive for all time. We do this by actively practicing the five disciplines of organizational learning and systems thinking in all we do and by engaging leaders who work together across traditional boundaries to achieve our shared aims.

Seed Systems

Seed Systems is a company dedicated to creating businesses as living systems in harmony with
nature, so that all life can flourish for all time. They apply systems thinking, scientific frameworks and organizational learning to create sustainable enterprises.


God's dog music

Original songs written and performed by Joe Laur.  Accoustic rock/folk, ballads, political critiques, all wrapped up with a twist of humor and a twang of heart.

Take a listen:

"Brick's tomorrow"  


To register or for more information contact:
Joe Laur  •